Disney revokes hundreds of workers' keys to the Kingdom in big layoffs


When it comes to the inner workings of its parks, the Disney empire can be as secretive as the Kremlin. But one thing the company is admitting is that it's firing lots of people at its theme parks. It's not discussing the exact number of dismissals except to say it's restructuring and aiming for efficiency, but by adding up reports, we can approach an understanding of the severity of the situation.

Earlier this winter, voluntary buyouts were offered to 619 executives, and 50 took the offer. One unattributed person told the Orlando Sentinel that the cuts numbered around 450, while other reports estimate closer to 800.

But if you listen to the word on the street, the figure is much higher. One former employee called it "a massacre." The situation is big news in the theme park and entertainment world. And in Florida, where Disney employs an astounding 62,000 people.

Who's not losing their jobs?