Celebrities have a love-hate relationship with Twitter

Singer John Mayer has mixed feelings about Twitter. In a recent interview with Eonline.com, Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend called the social networking site "stupid," which is interesting considering he has a Twitter account with more than 291,000 followers.

Here is a recent tweet (Twitter message) from the Grammy Award winner:"You ever tweet something and then feel compelled to spend the letters you have left? I mean, have you? Seriously? So yah. That's all."

Mayer may not help being that profound but other celebrities apparently do. According to the New York Times, some such as the rapper 50 Cent, are using ghost writers for their tweets. Politicians, including former presidential candidate Ron Paul, also have had help maintaining their presence on line.

"Britney Spears recently advertised for someone to help, among other things, create content for Twitter and Facebook," according to the Times. "Kanye West recently told New York magazine that he has hired two people to update his blog."

To be sure, celebrities lead busy lives making movies, television shows, and CDs, and of course partying. But some such as actor Ashton Kutcher are making the time for Twitter. He scoffed at the idea of hiring someone to write his tweets saying on his site "... not a chance. I would rather not tweet at all." Kutcher, whose wife Demi Moore also tweets, has 553,873 follows.

Twitter, which has about five million users, is proving to be a useful tool to allow actors and musicians to communicate directly with their fans without having their words filtered through the media.

"Yes, it's a full time job (being a celebrity), but part of that job is tweeting," said Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto, in an e-mail. "If some celebs DO have twitter ghost writers, that would be nutty but not completely out of the realm of the expected since stars are so used to having everything be done by other people (including body doubles and voice dubbers). Why not delegate power just one more time and add another helper to their entourage?

Still, like everything else connected with Hollywood, fans should not take Tweets from their favorite celebrities too seriously.

As Mayer noted to Eonline: "If you really think that Twitter is the pathway to spiritual enlightenment, well ... it's one step away from sending pictures of your poop."

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