WalletPop clowns around with Ringling Bros.

As WalletPop's Aaron Crowe reported yesterday, the circus is recession proof. After a hilarious run-in with a group of clowns today in New York's Grand Central Station, I can see why!

The WalletPop production crew was shooting an upcoming video for Loose Change, a new series that shows you how to save money and flourish regardless of the economic climate. As we were wrapping up our shoot in Grand Central's beautiful Main Terminal, a boisterous crew of clowns from Ringling Bros. Circus came charging through. (Tonight is the opening night for Ringling Bros. two-week run in Manhattan -- for tour info check out the Ringling Bros. Circus website). We just had to interview them to find out, which is harder, this economy or graduating from clown school.

Larry the Clown was my favorite. While the clowns were getting their shoes shined, Larry made me a rose out of a newspaper page. It was very sweet. And they even switched places with the shoe shiners and gave their shoes a good polish. So regardless of the "scary clown" rap they may get with some people, clowns are really thoughtful and make for a fun interview!

Our next WalletPop's Loose Change video will be out next week, so be sure to check it out. And in the meantime, you can take a look at our latest episode where we take you inside Manhattan's first Free Store. Each video is accompanied with a list of tips, and this one has a round-up of the best ways to get stuff for free. You can check out the free stuff video after the jump.

As for me, I'll make sure to check out the circus while it's in town -- tickets are only $12.50!
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