Must-See-Video: The Twouble with Twitters

Thinking of opening a Twitter account? Me too. I haven't yet, because I tend to stay away from addictive substances. If you're wondering, what is this Twitter, why is everybody suddenly using it, and what does it all mean, then watch this sublime video that exposes the real meaning of Twitter. After watching the video, I still think Twitter is a useful service, but in the age of exhibitionism, it's an easy one to abuse.

Do you love freebies? Most people do. Walletpop's "Loose Change" video team recently visited downtown Manhattan where the art of scoring freebies actually has turned into art -- a store-front art installation called The Free Store, which has been doing a bustling business and has people on the street talking. You can watch it below. After the jump, you'll get WalletPop's three more fabulous freebies!

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