Picking on the job seekers

If picking on the newly unemployed wasn't bad enough, the fine folks who dedicate themselves to deceiving have been sending emails to job hunters that lead them down a false path.

The email is based on information gleaned from resumes posted to the big job sites, Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com, leading a recipient to reasonably conclude that a recruiter has identified a position that might be a good fit.
They're signed "Katie Jensen" from the "Dudley Search Group." Previously, "Anne Carter" from "Hobin Staffing" was the author of these letters that drive users to the web site Joined.com, a self-described professional networking and job site. It's not clear what else, if anything, is happening when someone gets one of these emails.

Derek Firth, president and founder of Joined.com, denied any relationship with those sending the bulk emails directing job-hunters to his site.

"These groups have no affiliation with Joined.com," he said in an email. "Joined is a networking site, and we have hundreds of thousands of members, including recruiters and employers inviting others to join their professional networks. "

Firth said he' s trying to figure out the source of the emails, which have been annoying job seekers for months.

"These complaints are something we take very seriously, and we continue to investigate this specific matter," he said. "One of the challenges that other viral web 2.0 sites like Facebook and LinkedIN face, is to police every single avenue that entities use to drive traffic to your site. We will be adding additional reporting functions on our invitations in the coming future to help further identify any unwanted communication."
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