One billion won't go far...for Madoff victims


Madoff bankruptcy trustee David Sheehan says he's found more than $1 billion around the world that will hopefully be available to investors scammed by Bernie Madoff. Sheehan is on the hunt to find as much money as possible, and I doubt that Bernie Madoff is inclined to give hints about the secret hiding places.

With Madoff victims around the world, there is already fighting over who should take control of the money and other assets. A billion dollars is a lot of money, but unfortunately, it's only fraction of what victims have lost and really won't go very far toward making them whole.

This case continues to shock me, even when I think I've had enough of it. It's shocking that Madoff was allowed to continue living in his $7 million Manhattan apartment instead of in jail. It is appalling that his wife was busy trying to hide money as all this was unfolding.

I'm at the point where I don't think there should be any mercy for Madoff or his wife. They lived the high life on stolen money, and they both should pay for their sins. There are people who have lost everything they own thanks to the Madoff family, and the price must be paid.