Gotta go? Charmin finds public toilets for iPhone, Blackberry travelers


I've now seen proof positive that the Internet has transcended the realm of geekdom to shower its beneficence on the average American. A new web-based service from toilet paper-maker Charmin,, will deliver the location of the nearest public restroom to bursting-bladder travelers who carry an iPhone or Blackberry.

The site can also be viewed on your PC. It uses Google Maps as the base on which toilet sites are noted. It functions essentially as a wiki, inviting users to recommend and rate their favorite seats of ease. Within a few miles of my house alone I count 17 drop-off points.

My only quibble is that one needs the street address of the location of the toilet he adds to the wiki; the fuzzy logic that Google Maps accepts (for example, Walgreen's at W. Henderson and Kenny Rd.) isn't accepted and translated into a street address by