shows you where to get cheap gas

Updated, a web site devoted to helping people shrink their bills, a noble goal, has another new service: helping people find a station with the least expensive gas.

If you're someone who drives long and far, especially if you have a daunting commute and are behind the wheel a lot, I can see how it could be a godsend. Admittedly, since I work out of my home, I don't spend too much on gas, though my wife more than makes up for that.

So I tried it out. Go to and click on the button that says "Gas Prices," to get started. It asks you for a home address and a work address, and so if you don't have one, I'd suggest putting in an address to a relative, or the YMCA or some other place that maybe you visit regularly, and after a few moments, you'll get a map and a selection of gas stations. I put in my parents' house and received four gas stations between here and there (but could have gotten more, if I had rigged the settings differently). Seems my cheapest option is $1.88, midway on my journey.

Elsewhere on my route, it's as high as $1.94.