Money & Wellness: Breathe your way out of money-related stress


Are you like me and hold your breath every time you check your credit card balance? We already know we can't run from our finances, but is there a way to actually relax while tackling money issues?

"Even in the best of times, finances are in the top three stressers for most people. In times of economic turmoil that stress quotient intensifies. And chronic stress can have long-term consequences for your personal and financial health," says Kelley Black, founder of Balancing the Executive Life, a program that helps the high-powered, from fashion buyers to record label execs, learn to relax and overcome negative patterned-behavior and situations. Black says that watching the way you breathe, as in, regularly doing yoga-like breathing exercises, is not only good for your health but can help you attain greater prosperity. Sign me up!