Instead of jobless, go topless...?

Looking for extra cash? Take your top off. More and more women are doing exactly that; dancing at Gentleman's Clubs, doing adult photos and appearing in films. With the economic downturn, it is a flexible and quick way to make some extra cash. The women choosing these options are from a variety of backgrounds -- from college students to downsized executives. And the pay can be worth it.

Dancers at the upscale Rick's Cabaret clubs in New York City and Miami can make $100,000 to $300,000 a year, in cash. Adults films can pay even more, especially for those who create a following. And adult entertainment remains profitable. Rick's Cabaret had $60 million in revenue in its 2008 fiscal year, up from $32 million the year before,

But here is the glitch -- once you do adult entertainment, it is forever a part of your portfolio.

While it may not be an embarrassment at age 25, it could be a major issue when you are VP at a public company or if you decide to run for public office 20 years later. And you never know who is going to find out. The higher you get on the ladder of success, the more destructive a dancing or porn history can be. And you will have enemies who would love to share the information.

If you find yourself cash-strapped and considering making the move toward adult entertainment, stick with the dancing and not the movies. You can always downplay a dancing history, but you can never erase the films!

Barbara Bartlein is the People Pro. For more tips to build your career with your clothes ON, visit: The People Pro

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