BluRay Blues--I didn't know you had to update the machine


We sat down last Friday with popcorn, a glass of wine and two Blu-Ray videos to watch. We put them in the machine but they kept looping to the beginning. Then we noticed a little blurp in a pop-up informing us that if there is difficulty playing the disk, it could be that we need new firmware.

New what? Never even heard of firmware. Is that like software? I went on the Sony website and searched for downloadables. Lot's of stuff popped up but not what I needed. Then I found the website, which has firmware for all makes of machines. Now we were cooking. We quickly found the Sony model that we owned and downloaded the software to put on a disk.

The download went fine but the firmware was too large for the disk. Sigh. It was already to late at this point to watch the movies. Back on the website and we discovered that they will send you the firmware for free so I checked that option.

Our firmware arrived and we loaded it on our Blu-Ray. The good news is that all is well at our house again. But I didn't know you had to update the Blu-Ray. Sure wish someone would have told us!