10 Promising Jobs for the Class of 2009

This summer, diplomas will be handed out, hats will be tossed in the air and college graduates will look to enter that elusive Real World they've heard so much about. It's all very exciting and nerve wracking, in a good way.

Of course, student loan repayments are six months away and, as anyone who's turned on the news in the last year will tell you, the economy's not exactly booming.

Never fear, graduates. Yes, the hiring market is slower than it was when you entered college, but there are still jobs to be had. To help your search and calm your nerves, we've put together a list of 10 jobs that college grads should look for this year.

How did we do it? We looked at the National Association of Colleges and Employers' "Job Outlook 2009" survey of employers to see what industries were hiring and which majors interested them most. Then we looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook to see what positions fell under both categories and were expected to grow between 2006 and 2016.

Keep in mind that not every employer in these industries will be hiring at the same level and that many factors can come into play during the hiring process, such as your location. Also, the economy's erratic behavior and the stimulus bill could give some other jobs a big boost. Still, these are 10 jobs that new graduates have a good chance of finding in 2009.

Accountant and auditor

2006 Employment: 1,274,000

2016 Employment: 1,500,000

Percentage increase: 18

Best for: Accounting majors

Database administrators

2006 Employment: 119,000

2016 Employment: 154,000

Percentage increase: 29

Best for: Computer science, information science or management information systems majors

Electrical engineering

2006 Employment: 153,000

2016 Employment: 163,000

Percentage increase: 6

Best for: Engineering majors

Financial analysts

2006 Employment: 221,000

2016 Employment: 295,000

Percentage increase: 34

Best for: Finance, economics, business administration, accounting or statistics majors

Management analysts

2006 Employment: 29,000

2016 Employment: 30,600

Percentage increase: 5.4

Best for: Business administration majors

Marketing managers

2006 Employment: 167,000

2016 Employment: 192,000

Percentage increase: 14

Best for: Business administration majors

Mechanical engineers

2006 Employment: 226,000

2016 Employment: 235,000

Percentage increase: 4

Best for: Engineering majors

Network systems and data communications analysts

2006 Employment: 262,000

2016 Employment: 402,000

Percentage increase: 53

Best for: Computer science, information science or management information systems majors

Personal financial advisers

2006 Employment: 176,000

2016 Employment: 248,000

Percentage increase: 41

Best for: Accounting, business, finance, economics, mathematics or law majors

Sales managers

2006 Employment: 318,000

2016 Employment: 351,000

Percentage increase: 10

Best for: Business administration majors

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