Don't smoke and wear diapers

In many situations these days, it sometimes takes a tragedy and/or lawsuit to expose unknown dangers. Such is the case with a recent accidental death, which has revealed a startling truth about the possible flammability of some adult sanitary undergarments. Recently, a resident of a Spokane Valley adult care facility was burned to death when his clothing caught fire and the adult diaper which he was wearing burned with the same intensity that nearly all plastics do.

The story, which was provided by KIRO 7 Consumer Investigator Amy Clancy, makes clear that while the undergarment was not the cause of the flame up, the characteristics with which it burned may have made the fire more difficult for the victim, 63-year-old Jimmie Wilson, to extinguish. A witness on the scene stated that she had seen flaming pieces of molten plastic dropping from a balcony above.

It is believed that the victim's clothing caught fire when he was smoking out on a balcony. The investigation also indicates that the victim may have attempted to reenter the building, but by that time the plastic undergarment was already on fire. KIRO 7 reported that informal testing performed by fire investigator Rick Freier, subsequent to the accident, resulted in his documentation that the diaper material, "proved to be very flammable," and that the material "dripped with the same consistency of plastic."

Consumers should remain aware that adult undergarments are indeed flammable, as are most all adult clothing items. It should also be noted that diapers for children are generally manufactured from the same materials as adult sanitary undergarments. However, the flammability of children's diapers may be less substantial due to the thickness of the combined materials. In any case, let's please all be careful near possible sources of ignition.
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