Recession vodka: NY Times says some cheap tipples are fine...we knew that


The New York Times

recently reported that there has been a surge in vodka sales, particularly among "value" and "popular" brands, which cost under $9 per bottle. The article's author, Andrew Martin, particularly noted college favorite Popov Vodka, archly noting "I can't say for sure whether I've ever tried Popov vodka, but I seem to recall pouring it into a punch bowl in college. Or maybe it was Gordon's."

Personally, I've tried Popov; unfortunately, I also remember it. Even my inexperienced palate found it somewhat harsh, with slight notes of industrial solvent. Gordon's was a fair bit better. Then again, I also think that Absolut tastes like something designed for de-greasing an engine.

This isn't to say, however, that there aren't reasonably-priced, delicious vodkas out there. As The New York Times noted, the premium vodka fad was largely an artificially-created phenomenon, and the cheap stuff often tastes just as good as brands that cost five or six times as much. Of course, Walletpop readers who scanned December's Restocking your holiday spirits post have known this for quite some time.

While you may not want to resort to Popov, it's worth noting that Smirnoff, Luksusowa, and Svedka are all outstanding, low-priced tipples. And, just in case the NYT decides to copy us yet again, remember that you heard it here first!