Crime is on the rise as economy falters, and fighting it is expensive

Perhaps no crime underscores how the economy is changing than a recent jewelry store robbery in Milwaukee. After the thieves got out of the store, a rival group of robbers stole their loot, according to the Associated Press. The incident is still under investigation, but evidence suggests criminals are being pushed out of correctional facilities quickly, leading to a vicious circle.

As the economy continues to falter, people become desperate, sometimes leading to crime -- but as crime rises, less funds are available to fight it, forcing states and local governments to find less costly ways to punish people. "Crimes of profit have already started to escalate . . . robbery burglary and motor vehicle theft are definitely on the rise," said Jack Levin, a professor of Criminology and Sociology at Northeastern University, in an interview. "Even serious violent crimes like murder and aggravated assault have risen a little bit."

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