Brother, can you spare ten mil? Wall Street's bonus army


On Thursday, The New York Times reported on James Haas, a 47-year old member of American International Group (AIG)'s troubled financial products unit, and one of three AIG execs who have been identified as major bonus recipients. Haas, whom the New York Post has dubbed "Jackpot Jimmy," fought back tears as he spoke to a reporter on the front steps of his Fairfield, Connecticut mansion.

Apparently, the media's scrutiny of AIG has made Haas persona non grata on his street; one neighbor was quoted as saying "It's despicable . . . They should be forced to give every cent back." These are particularly strong words for Fairfield, a staid, upper-class suburb on Connecticut's gold coast. The town is also home to Douglas Poling, another AIG employee who raked in a huge bonus, and is right down the road from Wilton, where AIG has an office. It was also listed as one of the "Preppiest Suburbs" in 1980's The Preppy Handbook.