Layoff! A new game simulates downsizing


Move over fantasy football and fafarazzi. There's a new online game sweeping the net that puts all the power in your hands. The game, entitled "Layoff," lets you be the boss: Donald Trump, Whole Foods, your choice. The object of the game, modeled after the popular online game "Bejeweled," is to switch characters around to line up similar people in a row. Once you line up three of the same workers in a row they fall to the unemployment office, saving your company millions. Five people means a bank takeover. And if you get stuck, you can always hit the bank bailout button for help.

Bankers are exempt from losing their jobs, and you win once they're the only ones left. Why? As the little cartoon suits say, "Businessmen don't align. We never get laid off!" The catch is, unlike real life oftentimes, each person who is laid off has a name and a story.