Save money after you buy with a price adjustment


It's a fact of life that prices will fluctuate, but many retailers now offer price adjustments to take a little bit of the worry out of making a purchase. SavvySugar has compiled a list of 10 retailers that do price adjustments and matching, as well as the time frame to claim a lower price.

Scoring a better price on a past purchase is nothing new, in fact the now-defunct Circuit City used to offer a 60 day HDTV guarantee before it closed up shop, but in the past few years the number of items you can get a price adjustment on has greatly increased.

In its survey of price adjustment policies at retailers, SavvySugar found that many are offering a generous 14 day period to get money back if the price has dropped. Some retailers are even going the extra mile and adjusting for lower prices at competing stores. On top of price adjusting appliances and HDTVs, the SavvySugar article points out that you can even get price adjustments at many clothing stores and on Wal-Mart purchases!