Out of work and procrastinating? Hire a professional nagger


So you've been laid off. And you can't seem to get off your depressed butt and do the legwork it's going to take to find another job. What to do? Hire a professional nagger.

Knowing that the great art of procrastination is an all-too human trait, and also one that ends up costing millions in lost productivity each year, one woman decided to sell her services as a professional nagger. For $75 a month, Rachel Cornell will call clients every weekday morning to inquire after their job searches. What emails have you sent? What resumes have you sent out? Who've you networked with?

"It sounds kind of silly but it's two things," Cornell told SFgate.com. "It's accountability and knowing somebody wants you to do it." It's different from just calling a friend and getting the standard pep-talk, she says. "Paying for it is does make a difference."

Cornell also offers intensive nagging for help in meeting critical deadlines. I can think of a few people who might make excellent professionals in this new field (hello Mom), I also suspect I could really use the services of a paid professional nagger myself, being a professional procrastinator. Or maybe I could just send Mom a check each month.

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