Green housekeeping will be getting the Seal of Approval this Spring

Progress in getting the American household to go green has been slow. As recently as March of 2008, Lee Bodner, executive director of ecoAmerica told USA Today that they had, "come up against a brick wall with Americans." Despite facts and figures, only a small percentage of Americans were jumping on the green bandwagon.

If there is going to be a tipping point for households going green, it may just be this spring, when Good Housekeeping announces its second Seal of Approval. The original Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval has been around since 1909, and has been coveted by marketers of home products for a century. Celebrating its 100-year anniversary, the new second seal will be green.

Its design has generated a lot of conversation among bloggers, but may not be critical to its effectiveness. What matters, especially in these financially troubled times, is that products with the GH seal carry a 2-year limited warranty.

If GH's statistics are on target, the original GH Seal of Approval has a major influence on product choices for the home, ranking "#1 in influence among other top consumer emblems and logos. That's higher than Consumer Reports or the FDA. Surveys show 9 out of 10 women are more likely to purchase a product that carries the Good Housekeeping Seal than a similar product that does not." Good Housekeeping reaches 25 million readers.

This spring, Americans who are looking for ways to keep house for less can make some quick changes. The quickest way to go green and save involves spray bottles of white vinegar and peroxide and a box of baking soda which seems to work overtime for not much of an investment. Now the question is: Can we buy those spray bottles at the dollar store?

Bottom line: Americans will go green right now if we can do it less expensively. If GH keeps that issue center focus, the magazine can make a major contribution to bringing green housekeeping to critical mass. After all, if Good housekeeping gives it the thumbs up, it's got to be good. Even your Grandma could tell you that.
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