100 things you can make yourself


Think you're a creative consumer who does as much stuff at home to save money and add value to what you own?

Take a look at the list that Bliss Tree compiled of 100 things you can make yourself and see how many you've done.

Still think you're hip and saving money? I came up with 15 things on the list that I've done. Most involved cooking -- making applesauce, pizza, pasta sauce, pesto and salsa. Some I wouldn't attempt to try, such as making mayonnaise, whiskey, rugs, snowshoes or a lava lamp.

Everyone wants to make things from scratch to have more healthy food and save some money. But it comes at a price -- time. All of this stuff takes time, although some of it not much more than buying packaged goods.

But if you're willing to forego convenience and the expense that goes with it, then this list is a good place to start.

Some of the things you can make yourself on the list sound either dangerous or too difficult, no matter how much online instruction you find. Try making an igloo, hula hoop, gazebo, hair conditioner or bacon and tell me how much time and money you saved over going to the store.