TwitterJobSearch: Is Twitter taking over the world?


I don't quite understand the concept of Twitter, a website that makes us all bloggers in 140 words or less. But I think that's the whole point. It's a relatively new technology and we're free to all use it as we see fit. Congress is using twitter to speak to their contingents. Newsman are conducting entire Twitterviews. As far as tweets go, I can't say that I'm too interested to know that Dave is buying peas at the supermarket or Alice is watching chick flicks in bed. But it can be pretty interesting to get minute by minute updates from South by Southwest, or to learn that Diddy, in lieu of sleep, dances all hours of the night. I've taken to use twitter for my own RSS feed.

Another site is already beginning to harness the power of twitter to help people find jobs. The new site, TwitterJobSearch picks up only job related tweets, with their underlying links. The tweets are sourced from existing sites such as HotJobs and CareerBuilder, but helps bring them all into one place. The tweets are ranked by relevance and date, making it both a plesant user experience and a welcome relief after staring at MonsterTRAK for two hours straight.

A simple search for "architect" pulls up 96 listings today, 50 yesterday, and 497 before that. I'm then given options to narrow it down to "software engineer," "engineer," "technical architect," "developer," etc. There are further options to list by skills and type of job. However, if I wasn't looking to relocate, it's not so easy to search by location. A search for "'Architect in New York'" gives me a whopping one job, while "Architect in 'New York'" gives me the same 643 results as the first search, with four New York jobs on top. Given that the site launched in beta just today, there's no telling where it will go. Hopefully they'll iron out some of the kinks as more and more employers start tweeting their openings.

And if you're wondering where I picked up this story, it was on Twitter. Thanks @techcrunch!