Get up, stand up: Stand up for your....Bob Marley merchandise


Anyone for a Bob Marley bong? How about "One Love" rolling papers?

Those products don't exist, and it's doubtful they will, but more than 25 years after the reggae star died, his family is finally cashing in on his name and licensing it for a line of Marley-branded products, including salad dressing and a video game, according to an NPR story.

In what the story calls the Holy Grail of advertising, Hilco Consumer Capital of Toronto is partnering with the Marley family on a line of products that will be introduced next year, when Marley would have turned 65. The items will promote a relaxed lifestyle, but not as relaxing as marijuana usage.

While you can't get around the fact that Marley's image promotes drug use, his promoters say that fans already know Marley smoked marijuana and that they won't promote drug use.

The Marley T-shirts for sale at record stores are counterfeit and illegal. The official Bob Marley Web site is run by his family and already has an online store, where such items as T-shirts, bags, pins and baby onesies with Marley's likeness can be bought legally.