Erotic sales down in France


The slow global economy is now hurting the sex industry.

Customers at "Big Eropolis," an erotic fair near Paris that bills itself as the biggest of its kind in the world, are spending less on sex toys, massage oils and other products, according to a Reuters story.

"We are hit by the financial crisis. We are not in the car industry either, so we haven't seen a drop (in sales) of 50 percent, but the financial crisis has hit us," said the fair's organizer, Eric Heuninck.

Fair attendance is down 30% from the previous year, said Bernard Montagud, who runs a sex toy stand at the fair.

"Of course there's been an impact on business. Before, when a customer came and we presented the products, we always managed to sell them two or three items. Now, alas, they leave with one single item. We feel the impact," Montagud said.

If the French are buying fewer sex toys, you know the economy must be in bad shape.