Dollar daze: Target uses a misnomer

It's "Dollar Week" at Target this week. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means it's rounded its prices on sale items. What a treat!

How many items in this week's sales flyer cost $1? I'll save you the counting: ONE. It's a package of infant socks. In other words, unless you're headed over to the usual dollar bin featured at most Target stores, don't expect to be getting too many deals for $1.

It used to be that "dollar" meant, well, a dollar. It was a pretty simple concept, but one that got muddied when even so-called dollar stores started carrying things that cost five times that -- or more.

The dictionary is somewhat forgiving with Target's use of the term, allowing that Dollar Days sales could also mean a big discount.

It's kind of sad when you really can't get a whole lot of things for $1. Even a pack of baseball cards is going for double that. That's the kind of thing that really dates someone. How much was a pack of cards when you were growing up? Got the picture?

Forgetting nostalgia for a minute, Target (and other retailers still using this outmoded sales tactic) ought to rethink its recurring Dollar Week. While it's nice to not have to add up the cents on an item, perhaps it could be more honest and rename it "Several Dollars Week."
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