Skip Ticketmaster fees, watch concerts free online

Summer is almost upon us and that means loud, crowded lawn concerts will once again make an appearance at amphitheaters across the country. But with tough times, fans will have to be pickier than usual. Aside from ticket prices, which have risen dramatically in recent years, the fees paid to Ticketmaster can turn even a cheap lawn seat into an expensive outing. To combat these high costs Dealnews has rounded up a collection of sites that let you watch concerts free from your computer.

Whether you are looking for a top 40 concert or more eclectic fare, Dealnews has the hookup. Unfortunately its number one choice for quality and depth of artists has closed shop, but you can still catch many concerts at their second choice, Wolfgang's vault. The aptly named vault features legendary concerts from artists such as Hendrix, the Stones, and Pink Floyd -- but only features audio. One saving grace is that you stream the concerts to your iPhone, bringing legendary concerts to whatever lawn you happen to be on.