Rather not vacation with trash? Book with this company


Now that Spring Break season is upon us, Americans are snapping up vacation packages. (Well, at least the ones who can still afford to are.) Lots of buzz-seeking kids are heading to party destinations such as Cancún and Panama City. But what would you say to a company that offered to sell you a vacation where you wouldn't encounter white trash?

That's what Activities Abroad, a company in northern England, has done. In an e-mail sent to 24,000 prospective customers, it promised what it called "chav-free" vacations."

Chav" is British slang for "trash." So book with it, said the company, and you won't have to deal with trashy fellow vacationers. How did it come up with that label? By running names that British people think are trashy through their customer database and finding that very few people with those names had booked before.