Jos. A Bank's suit sale: Lose your job, get your money back


It's a gimmick, but a nice one. So here goes: The men's clothing retailer Jos. A. Bank has announced that it will refund the cost of a suit to its customers if they lose their job.

The suits have to be purchased during its $199 sale from March 16 to April 9, and if God forbid, you do lose your job, plan on losing it between April 16 and July 1 to get your money back.

The rules are interesting, possibly designed to keep people who suspect that their job hangs in the balance from buying a suit and then quickly getting it for free. In other words, the rules seem to be aimed at people who honestly have no idea that the end is coming.

As the CEO, Neal Blake, said in a statement, "We understand the uncertainty everyone is facing. We want to help the customer look good at work, and if he loses his job, to be dressed appropriately as he meets with his next employer. It's like giving all of our customers a bit of unemployment insurance."

True enough. Because the really nice thing about this marketing gimmick is -- if you lose your job, you get a refund and you get to keep the suit.