Fearing incomes may drop, more men consider vasectomies

The tough economy is forcing couples to reconsider if they can afford to have another baby, and sending more men to the doctor's office to consider having a vasectomy, according to a San Diego NBC story.

The method of family planning is covered by health insurance, as opposed to luxury medical procedures such as plastic surgery and Lasik surgery that aren't covered. (For a counterpoint, see this post with speculation that bad ecomomies actually drive up births).

Here's the NBC video:

Anyone who has a kid knows the price of raising a child is high. Now with the economy down and the fear of losing your job and income, that cost looks higher than it did before the recession. Financial calculators are available online to determine the cost of raising a child, with variables such as where you live, income and if the child will go to a public or private college, or not go to college.

The calculator spit out a cost of $355,906 for raising the daughter I already have, with most of that paying for college. A public college.

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