Forced property auction brings on the tears (the good kind)


This is the kind of news story which gives me a little shiver, and confirms for me that people are still capable of performing some wonderfully kind acts.

At an auction of personal property, which was brought on due to an unpaid storage bill, events unfolded in a rather unexpected way. Rather than seeing a mother and child brought to tears because their possessions were being auctioned away from them, a mother and child were brought to tears because people still have a heart.

As reported by Laurie Mustard in a story at, when an auction of storage locker contents was to begin, the 3-year-old boy who owned some of the toys on auction, stepped up. He asked the auctioneer if he might be allowed to keep some of his toys. The auctioneer allowed the boy to gather some of his possessions, and the auction then began.

Apparently, the sight of the boy attempting to retain some of his beloved toys had an affect. One after another, the auction participants began to successfully bid on the items being sold. Then, most of the bidders promptly gave their purchases back to the boy and his mother. In the end, the duo had nearly all of their belongings returned to them.

Let us allow this situation to be a reminder that we're all going through these hard times together. No matter how bad I might think I have it, someone else is going through a tougher situation than I am. Proper charity doesn't have to consist of much. It's often a collection of small things or acts which are rendered in a caring and timely manner. Please always be ready to reach outward, and to give someone else a little boost when they need it. In that way, we can all be relatively certain that someone else will be there when we really need a little help for ourselves.