Find out how much your blog is worth in bailout funds!


Everyone wants some bailout money, and for most of us the extra $13 a week doesn't seem to cut it, even if it is worth more than last year's stimulus check. This is why you need to apply for your own bailout funds; but how can you know how much to ask for? It's a complicated process but MoneyPath has come up with a complex set of calculations to determine just how much your blog or your Twitter account is worth in bailout funding.

Aside from telling you how much your online identity is worth MoneyPath is offering a helpful service to companies struggling for funding. MoneyPath is essentially a Lending Tree for businesses connecting them with 4 qualified banks free of charge. I can't think of a better time to launch such a valuable service than right now!

In case you wondered just how valuable WalletPop is, according to MoneyPath, we deserve $1,818,255,908 in bailout funds and are the 5th most valuable site on the Blog Bailout List!

Now to be upfront MoneyPath wants you to know that the valuation placed on your online identity is possibly completely made up like the numbers from the government and ultimately boils down to how much they would miss you if you "pulled an Enron", but it's good for a laugh. Interestingly enough only qualifies for $1,058 in bailout funding but that may change if they connect enough businesses to cash during the current credit crunch.

When the check clears we'll be sure to split it with out most loyal readers!