DQ charging for nuts, whipped cream. Why so cheap?


I don't want to get all Andy Rooney here, but why in the heck does Dairy Queen charge 40 cents each for nuts and whipped cream on my chocolate sundae when they're simple items I'd expect to come with any sundae?

And why do they ask me if I want stuff without telling me how much it is? Suddenly a $2.29 sundae is more than $3. So I felt a little stupid the other day when the DQ worker asked me "Do you want nuts and whipped cream with that?" and I said "Yes," expecting it was included in the cost, only to see the 30% surcharge when I looked at the receipt. It was about an ounce of crushed walnuts and a few spoonfuls of whip cream.

My point is, and I do have one if you'll bear with me, is that everyone is trying to nickel and dime the customer. Airlines charge for luggage, extra legroom, food, drink, etc. An employee cafeteria at a place I used to work charged for salt, napkins and forks for awhile until civil unrest got things back on track. I expect McDonald's to soon be charging for a squirt of ketchup. But mess with my ice cream?