Help arrives for our returning troops

It's tough being unemployed, no doubt. But imagine serving your country and then coming home unemployed.

Veterans coming back from Vietnam had great difficulties adapting to the workforce, and unfortunately little has changed since then. Add to that our sinking economy and you can imagine how hard it is for the 300,000 troops who complete their active duty every year to try and find a job.

The military will teach you a lot of things: responsibility, prioritizing, teamwork, discipline, problem solving, and adaptability. But for most soldiers, there are no lessons about how to negotiate a salary, how to navigate your way up the corporate ladder, or even how to effectively network. On top of that, many employers discriminate against veterans, believing them to be more susceptible to mental health problems. While Reserve soldiers typically have job protection from the Uniformed Service members Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), it's estimated that unemployment among Active Duty veterans is 2% above the national average.