Apple juice: As American as anything else made in China

Mitch Lipka

If there's one thing that gets me juiced ( there's actually a lot of things that do) it's that it's really hard to get apple juice anymore that doesn't come from concentrate shipped from China. All the major brands and most store brands use Chinese concentrate to make what I think most people would assume is an American drink.

Aside from wondering why it's so hard to get apple juice that is all American, China has had one heck of time keeping its food chain safe from contamination in recent years. The industry group the U.S. Apple Association has an entire FAQ dedicated to explaining why imported concentrate is safe and that only 42% of all apple juice sold in the U.S. is Chinese in origin.

First of all, if that was really accurate it's still stunning, but try to find some on your store shelves that isn't from China. A recent USDA report said China accounts for 80% of the world's apple juice export market.