More Employees Late for Work -- Weird Excuses

Twenty percent of us are late for work at least once a week, up from 15 percent a year ago. In addition, 10 percent admitted they are late at least twice a week. With that kind of track record for tardiness, we have to think up new and better excuses besides the tried-and-true ones. Somehow getting stuck in traffic is just so overused.

Reuters reports that The Harris Poll surveyed U.S. workers for, an online job site, to find out the most common excuses for being late. They are:

1. Traffic

2. Lack of sleep

3. Getting the children ready for school or day care

4. Problems with public transportation

5. Wardrobe issues

6. Dealing with pets

While the pollsters were asking 3,259 full-time hiring managers and human resources professionals, as well as 8,038 full-time employees, the reasons they heard or used for being late, the following excuses emerged and could easily be considered the most outrageous or bizarre ever heard. Use with caution. The boss probably won't believe you.

Three most bizarre excuses for being late:

1. One person reported taking a second shower after walking into a spider web.

2. A woman said her husband thinks it's funny to hide her car keys, so she is late to work since she has to find them before she can drive to the office.

3. A man claimed the left-turn signal on his car was broken so he had to drive to work making only right turns.

Being late can have serious consequences. Fully one-third of the managers surveyed said they have terminated an employee for being late.

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