How to score free storage containers!


Not much grinds my gears more than paying for a box, but every year without fail I end up buying several boxes so that I can store my assorted belongings in something that is easier to stack than a plastic bag. The Simple Organized Life blog has a simple solution to this box buying problem; ask your local shoestore for any boxes that are destined for the recycling. Most stores will be more than happy to send you on your way with an armload of old shoe boxes, if you're lucky you may even get some free silica gel!

As someone who hardly buys shoes, this is welcome advice. But what if you need bigger boxes to store, you know, bigger things?

You can also find large storage boxes for free by asking around at your local retailers. Simple Organized Life recommends the liquor store which has plenty of sturdy boxes on hand, and a bottle of whiskey can be a good motivator to get rid of all that poetry you wrote in the 9th grade. If you don't feel like storing your wedding centerpiece in a Captain Morgan's box you can always visit to find people with slightly used cardboard containers in your area. If cardboard won't cut it, you can always find cheap plastic storage at the dollar store and similar retailers.

Access to free storage doesn't stop with boxes. The Simple Organized Life gives examples of everyday things you can re-purpose for storage around the house, saving you a pretty penny and lending some organization to your life at the same time. For more details on how you can use a frozen food tray to store and organize your things, head over to the Simple Organized Life.