Everybody knew his name: Real life Cheers bartender laid off after 35 years


Even though he could be counted on to always know your name and favorite drink Eddie Doyle, the real life Cheers bartender, was laid off late last month along with several other employees of Cheers.

Doyle's layoff from his "perfect job" has been blamed on the continued economic crisis that has caused unemployment in several states to top 10%. Despite this bad news, the inspiration for Sam Malone will receive a paycheck for the remainder of 2009 and a big going away party, which is more than most people can expect nowadays.

Boston may have lost an "institution" in this layoff, but local charities are more likely to suffer than regulars at Cheers, as Eddie Doyle plans to wrap up the annual charity auction when he departs. While donations to "Cheers for Children" can still be made at the bar, the loss of the auction will cut fund raising significantly, illustrating one more way that charities have been impacted by the economy.

While bartending schools had seen a 25% growth in applications during October 2008, the service industry as a whole has been hit hard as more people cut out drinking or simply drink at home to save cash. The number of help wanted ads featuring bartending has dropped significantly according to job trend website Simply Hired, with the biggest drop happening since November 2008. If this trend continues, Eddie Doyle may have more company now than when he was behind the bar.

Eddie, this one's for you. Cheers!