Cramer vs. Stewart: It's on!


Jon Stewart was in tears after Barack Obama's Inauguration. After eight years of the comedy goldmine that was Bush, it seemed like the end of comedy news as we knew it. None of us thought Stewart would find his new arch nemesis so quickly, and after years of railing on Fox news, who would have thought it was CNBC that he was after all along.

The Internet was abuzz that the rift began when Rick Santelli canceled as a guest on the show last week. Stewart tore Santelli and CNBC a new one as he showed eight-and-a-half minutes of network clips, revealing wrong predictions and cupcake interviews. Granted some of the clips were taken out of context, but they did the trick, exposing the network for its hypocrisy and offending its fans. From Jim Cramer telling us not to pull our money out of Bear Stearns right before it went under, to an interview with Sir Allen Stanford. CNBC's hardhitting question to the Texan tycoon charged with $8 billion in fraud? "Is it fun being a billionaire?" When Stanford replied, "Yes, yes it is," Stewart came back with a well-timed "F--- you!"

On Monday's show, Stewart claimed that they had already produced the eight-and-a-half minute sketch as a response to Santelli calling over-leveraged mortgage homeowners losers, to show just a few of CNBC's own mistakes. Stewart said he'd welcome with open arms any of their correspondents now, "anyone from the cast of five bald guys making noise about money, CNBC's famed Money Monkey, or my go-to guru for all things finance, the stock pickin' chicken."