Cave home saved! Meet its savior!

Cave houseRecently we reported that the Sleeper family of Festus, Missouri was forced to put their 17,000 square foot cave home up for sale. Today, however, we learn that thanks to the generosity of a New Jersey man, Curt Sleeper and his family have obtained a new mortgage that will allow them to stay and complete their dream home.

The 15-year loan comes from Jon Demarest, via his document and image management servicing company, Logical Source Inc. I had a chance to talk to Demarest today. He told me that he saw the story initially on Yahoo, and when he saw it again on a Sunday morning show, he was "intrigued by how it looked. I own several vacation homes, and I initially thought about buying the cave home as a summer getaway with the kids."

When he reached out to contact the Sleepers, however, he was impressed by their dedication. Jon recently lost a parent, so the thought of the family losing their dream disheartened him. Demarest says he then "asked them 'what would you like to do?' When they replied, "save our home," he decided to help them do just that, by extending them a new loan, on generous terms.

The Sleepers will reportedly leave the home on EBay while the paperwork for the loan is being processed, but should sleep soundly tonight, thanks to the generosity of a stranger from a thousand miles away.

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