Bad real estate advice from TV agents. . .


There's a growing movement looking to blame HGTV for the housing bubble and subsequent crash, and real estate TV shows that have no shortage of bad advice.

But the worst advice I've seen in awhile comes from Los Angeles-based Keller Williams agents Grace Michelman and Alex Tieu, who called themselves "The Divas of Real Estate" at the time this show was aired. From the episode description:

Their new client, a Los Angeles actor named Tai, is very interested in loft living in downtown Los Angeles. And with the recent growth of the Los Angeles downtown area, there are many impressive lofts to see.

Tai is in for a little shock, however when he hears the prices and fees, but he's determined to find one he loves. Grace has to use her best sales skills to close the deal...and yet there may still be a wrinkle in Tai's plans.