What depression? How to be a be a self-made rockstar


Don't let the economy stall your dreams of becoming a rock star. Now, more than ever, with music labels clinging to life-support, you need a strong DIY work ethic and the internet to make it in music. Nineteen-year-old CJ Baran, lead singer of pop rock sensation Push Play, shows you how to get it done -- build a passionate army of fans, sell out major venues and have control over making music you love, without being signed to a label.

CJ started off making music in his basement with a couple of friends he met through music instructors. Together, Nick, Steve, Derek and CJ formed Push Play. After recording an album-worth of songs on his computer using the software ProTools, CJ submitted the songs to iTunes and unexpectedly they shot to 32 in iTunes' top music downloads.

In the three years since, Push Play has opened for Miley Cyrus, sold out New York's Irving Plaza, and produced an upcoming album, Found, with Matt Squire, the multi-platinum producer for hit bands Panic at the Disco and Boys Like Girls.