Times are tough, even for a gigolo

The jig is up for a Swiss gigolo found guilty of defrauding and blackmailing a German woman. The 44-year-old male escort convinced married BMW heiress Susanne Klatten to give him $9 million, and tried to get millions more from her in return for not outing her for her infidelity.

The scam was simple: Helg Sgarbi met the woman at a spa in mid-2007 and began having an affair with her. Then he told her that he was in a car accident in the United States, leaving a girl paralyzed and in need of money for treatment. After he got millions from her that way, he tried to get Klatten to put $367 million in a trust for him. He said he'd release videos of their affair if she didn't do it.

She said no. Sgarbi then asked for $62 million. She said no. Then $17 million. And finally Klatten went to the police and he was arrested. This isn't the first time Sgarbi has tried this.
He's accused of getting millions from three other women the same way.

Let this be a lesson to all married rich women: Don't get involved with a gigolo because he might demand money in order to keep the affair secret from your husband. Or else be prepared to pay up. Klatten is worth almost $10 billion, so I'm sure she could afford his demands. Isn't it just easier not to get involved in sketchy affairs like this?
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