Banks pay to 'trash-out' foreclosed homes


Sadly, the housing market continues to collapse in many areas of the nation, leading to a continued uptick in foreclosures. Increasingly these foreclosed properties are still filled the remnants of the previous owners, causing banks to pay "trash out" men to literally trash out a house.

Similar to the board up men that were benefiting early on in the housing crisis, trash out companies are under increased demand as more and more homes need to be trashed out before they can be put back on the market.

The number and array of items left behind by families who are likely close to broke is disturbing. In this small sampling of homes there were many items that could have been otherwise sold to at least bankroll a new start somewhere else. But even more concerning are priceless items like photos which are also left behind, leaving homes looking like its tenants simply vanished in a matter of minutes despite having at least 30 days to prepare for the last few moments in their home.