Cracker Barrel responds to user's comment


Cracker Barrel's corporate communication director reached out to us to set the record straight on the change to their syrup. Here is their explanation:

The WalletPop feature on "Restaurant Tactics" to save on costs includes my company, but also includes inaccurate information so I wanted to reach out to you with a bit more information. Here's the link to the page about Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, which mentions a change in the type of syrup we serve as being driven by cost.

Please know that cost savings were *not* a factor when we made the change. Cracker Barrel introduced 100% Pure Natural Syrup, a blend of 55% maple syrup and 45% cane syrup, because unfavorable climate issues in the last several years resulted in a greatly reduced supply of the sap used to create maple syrup. It's important to note that this blended syrup contains 100% natural ingredients and has the highest amount of maple syrup we could include and still ensure an adequate supply for our guests until the next growing season.

We did not want to make this change, but the unfavorable conditions over the last two growing seasons resulted in suppliers using most of their syrup reserves and now there is an insufficient supply to meet demand. We considered and tested various alternatives and this blend of all-natural ingredients looks good, pours nicely and most importantly tastes great. Guests will continue to enjoy their syrup in individual portion bottles, served warm with every order.

Also, there has been NO CHANGE in Cracker Barrel's specifications for Thick Sliced Bacon and we monitor regularly to ensure that our supllier is meeting our specifications. Cracker Barrel's Thick Sliced Bacon is, indeed, a treat, and I hope you've had an opportunity to have some.

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