Postal execs living large as mail service cut back


Wonder why we're paying more and more for stamps plus may be getting just five-day-a-week mail delivery? You don't have look much further then the USPS's mismanagement of its home relocation program to see the type of waste in this semipublic corporation.

CNN broke the story about a $1.2 million home bought as part of the USPS relocation program for its top executives to make it easier for them to move. You can see the 8,400 square foot home and all its features at, including an indoor swimming pool, six bedrooms, and six baths on five plus acres. I called the Realtor, Novella Taylor, for comments about the home's value and prospects for sale, but she was told not to make any comments to reporters by the listing corporation Cartus Relocation. I'm waiting for an email or callback from them.