Making le grade: French web site sells homework answers to kids


A new French Web site is giving kids a new way to spend their allowance -- for 5 euros, or $6, the answers to simple math problems can be bought from older students.

The site --- -- also sells a full end-of-year presentation with slides and speaking notes for 80 euros, or $100, according to a Reuters story.

Site founder Stephane Boukris told Reuters that children would still learn something if they bought homework because it comes with annotations from the students explaining how they got to the final result.

"We're not just giving them fish, we're teaching them how to fish," Boukris said.

Teachers were upset.

"It turns them into consumers," said Agathe Field, who teaches English in a suburb of Paris. "The message is that for the right price you can get the results you want. It's nonsense."