Barbie gets a real-life dreamhouse for her 50th birthday


On the eve of Barbie's 50th birthday, famed decorator Jonathan Adler has redesigned a 3,500-square-foot home Malibu home to look just like Barbie's home.

"Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person," Adler told The Associated Press. "She exists as fantasy and is the perfect client because she's always happy and fun and loves everything. I thought to myself, 'How would Barbie live?' What I thought was Barbie would have a house that is glamorous, kittenish, chic, colorful and happy -- as well as functional."

The home features an Andy Warhol original portrait of Barbie, 50 pairs of pink peep-toe heels, and a chandelier made from thirty blond wigs -- which sounds like a fire hazard but hey, it's Barbie's birthday, gosh darnit! has tips on how you can celebrate Barbie's big day and the ever-respectable Forbes has chimed in with an imaginary interview with the fake woman.

With the recession in full swing, Barbie's 50th year hasn't been much fun. Sales of the dolls fell 21% in the fourth quarter of last year and appear to be losing market share to the more wholesome American Girl dolls.