Ask the Dolans: What recourse is there against a credit card limit fee?


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Here's one thing we love about credit card companies – they got a lot of guts! It still amazes us how they keep finding new ways to nickel and dime folks who are just trying to play by the rules. Gone are the days of only having to worry about making your payments on time. Credit card companies are on a fee frenzy!

Are these sneaky fees legal? Let's take the case of one WalletPop reader and examine what her options are for fighting back.

Dear Ken and Daria,

Is there any recourse against a credit card that allows charges over the limit and then charges a fee because it is over the limit?


Ken and Daria give you a peek at some of the sneaky credit card fees companies are using to make more money and how you can beat them at their own game, now at