Tantrum over this: Airline humiliates customer, then offers paltry upgrade

You've probably already seen the video by now. A woman somewhere in Asia misses her flight and she freaks out. For three operatic minutes, she swoons over the desk, she wails and stomps, she writhes on the floor and wails in multi-octave grief. "They have no compassion!" the woman shouts. "They're crazy!"

Cathay Pacific, the airline that refused her entry, is now apologizing. One of its employees took video of the episode, which (no one knows how) ended up on YouTube, where it has collected the jeers of the world (but so far, no Oscars). The airline says it has "disciplined" the worker who shot it and has offered the woman, who is a regular customer and mortified with embarrassment, a free upgrade on her next trip or a refund of the frequent flier miles she used to book the missed trip to San Francisco.

A free upgrade? Are they kidding?