Meltdown MBAs: The business schools that failed the economy


With so many Americans out of work, it's hardly surprising that universities are reporting a surge in applications. What's odd is that the nation's elite business schools continue to be as popular as ever among Wall Street wannabes.

After all, it's these schools that produced the likes of John Thain, Dick Fuld, Kathleen Corbet and other former corporate chiefs that many now finger for causing the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Together, they ran the financial market into the ground and sparked a global epidemic of dashed fortunes and crushing unemployment the likes of which hasn't been seen for generations - possibly ever. Their Alma Maters most be proud.

At wowOwow, we wanted to know which schools cranked out the meltdown's most widely acknowledged perps. By our count, Harvard Business School takes top honors, followed by New York University's Stern School of Business and Cornell.

Here's our dishonor roll of schools that failed the economy by unleashing their best and brightest on the rest of us: